Geology Awards
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Geology Awards

Each year the Geosciences program gives three geology awards that recognize academic excellence. The awards are:

William Stewart Outstanding Senior

William Stewart was the first geologist to teach on the grounds currently occupied by APSU. Stewart, trained as a geologist, at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, made a fortune in the local iron industry. When he retired he gave $ 10,000 to a college on the grounds of APSU, which was subsequently renamed for him as Stewart College. He purchased the finest set of minerals and fossils known in the United States in 1849.

James Corgan Outstanding Junior

This award is named after James Corgan, a Paleontologist who started the department in 1972 and was a long time chair.

Matthew Beebe Outstanding Sophomore

This award is in memory of Matthew Beebe, a young
Paleontologist who joined the department in January 1993 and died
of cancer at the age of 39 in spring 1994.