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Global Environment and Development

Degree Requirements

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Geosciences Core (19-20 hours)
GEOL1040/1041 Physical Geology and lab (4 hours)
GEOG 1010 Physical Geography (3 hours)
GEOG 3150/3151Geographic Information Systems I and lab ( 4 hours)
GEOG 3060/3061Statistics in the Geosciences and lab ( formerly Quantitative Geosciences) (4 hours)
CHEM 1010/1011 or CHEM 1110/1111

Chemistry:  Society and the Environment and lab (4 hours)

OR General Chemistry and lab (5 hours)

Lower Division Major Requirements (6 hours)

GEOG 1020 Geography of Europe, the Americas and Australia (3 hours)
GEOG 1030Geography of Africa, Asia and Oceania (3 hours)

Upper Division Major Requirements (15 hours)  

GEOG 3040Sustainable Development (3 hours)
GEOG 3960Urban Environments (3 hours)
GEOG 3970Rural Developments (3 hours)
GEOG 3980Economic geography (3 hours
GEOG 4000Environmental Management (3 hours)

Electives (18 hours)

GEOG 3110Geography of the United States and Canada (3 hours)
GEOG 3130Geography of the Middle East (3 hours)
GEOG 3750Geography of the African World (3 hours)
GEOG 3120Geography of Asia (3 hours)  
HIST 3360Modern Europe, 1919-present   (3 hours)
HIST 3470Modern Latin America (3 hours)
PHIL 2200Religion and the World (3 hours)
Students must also take six (6) hours of 2000-level and above foreign language
Program Total    (106-107)