GIS Minor
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GIS Minor

GIA Minor Requirements (18 hours)

CSCI 1016     Introduction to Visual Basic Programming (3 hours)
GEOG 3250/3251 Geographic Information Systems II  (and lab) (4  hours)
GEOG 3920 Field Mapping and the Global Positioning System (3 hours)
GEOG 4260/4261 Remote Sensing (and lab) (4  hours)
Six hours of upper division classes must be selected from the list of classes provided below. Additional classes and transfer classes will be considered with the approval of the director.
CSCI 4400  Principles of Database Management (3 hours)

GEOG 3060/3061

GEOL 3060/3061

Quantitative Geosciences (and lab) (4 hours)
GEOG 4270/4271   Surface Water Hydrology (and lab) (4 hours)
GEOL 3030/3031 Environmental Geology (and lab) (4 hours)
MKT 3710 Applications in Business Mapping (3 hours)