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Geographic Information Analysis

Degree Requirements

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Geosciences Core (20 hours)
courses in italics also count towards the APSU general education core
GEOL1040  Physical Geology (4 hours; counts for gen.ed. core)
GEOG 1010 Physical Geography (3 hours; counts for gen.ed. core)
GEOG 3150 Geographic Information Systems I (4 hours)
GEOG 3060Statistics in the Geosciences and lab ( formerly Quantitative Geosciences) (4 hours)
CHEM 1110 General Chemistry (5 hours)
Geographic Information Analysis Core (27 hours)
AGRI  4230    Land Use (3 hours)
CSCI 1016     Introduction to Visual Basic Programming (3 hours)
GEOG 3250 Geographic Information Systems II (3 hours)
GEOG 3920Field Mapping and the Global Positioning System (3 hours)
GEOG 4160 Water Quality Modeling and GIS (3 hours)
GEOG 4250   Applied Geographic Info. Systems (3 hours)
GEOG 4260 Remote Sensing (3 hours)
Electives (choose 2 courses)
CSCI 3300 Introduction to Web Development (3 hours)
CSCI 4400  Principles of Database Management (3 hours)
CSCI 4610  Advanced Visual Basic Programming (3 hours)

Allied sciences: choose TWO courses

BIOL 1110 Principles of Biology (4 hours)
BIOL 3050 Microbial Diversity (4 hours)
BIOL 3060Zoological Diversity (4 hours)
BIOL 3070 Plant Diversity (4 hours)
GEOL 3030Environmental Geology (4 hours)
GEOL 4050Process Geomorphology (4 hours)
Students must also choose an additional 8 hours of upper division Geography electives