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Admission Requirements 

APSU Student 

To qualify for the Full Spectrum Learning Program, prospective students must be admitted to the University. FSL does not have further GPA or testing requirements beyond the admission requirements of the Office of Admissions. For more information on the APSU admission requirements please visit 

Documentation of Autism Spectrum Diagnosis

FSL was founded with the intent to serve only students on the Autism Spectrum. Prospective students will be required to submit documentation of their ASD diagnosis to the Office of Disability Services at APSU and thus, approve disclosure of their diagnosis to the FSL office. The Office of Disability Services can be reached at

Current Registration

FSL Students must be active within a full-time or part-time class schedule in order to receive program services. We are currently unable to offer full program services throughout summer terms. 

Admission Process 

Step by Step 

  1. Be admitted to APSU. 
  2. Fill out and submit Full Spectrum Learning Program application below. 
  3. Schedule parent and incoming student interviews with the Program Director.
  4. Register with the Office of Disability Services and schedule initial intake to discuss classroom accommodations and housing.
  5. Register for corresponding FSL course in order to pay program fee.
Program Application

Apply Here

Program Cost 

The Full Spectrum Learning Program cost for the 2018-2019 academic year is $2500 per semester. We are proud to say that all past and current program participants have worked closely with outside organizations to receive full funding throughout the program. We believe that financial stress should not hinder student success, so we encourage prospective students to reach out our Program Director to learn more about financial aid opportunities.