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Policies & Procedures

  • Official Communication: AP Mail is the official means of communication at APSU. Correspondence between the university and students will be sent to the students' AP Mail account; other email accounts will not be utilized. Students are encouraged to check their AP Mail account on a regular basis.
  • Academic Dishonesty: The Student Code of Conduct states that "Academic dishonesty may be defined as any act of dishonesty in academic work. This includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, the changing or falsifying of any academic documents or materials, cheating, and giving or receiving of unauthorized aid in tests, examinations, or other assigned work. Students guilty of academic misconduct, either directly or indirectly through participation or assistance, are immediately responsible to the instructor of the class. Penalties for academic misconduct will vary with the seriousness of the offense and may include, but are not limited to, a grade of "F" on the work in question, a grade of "F" in the course, reprimand, probation, suspension, and expulsion."
  • Misconduct: Actions such as hazing, harassment, disorderly conduct, and endangering any person's health are considered acts of misconduct which may subject the offending individual or organization to disciplinary sanctions.