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Governors 411

The Office of Student Transitions is pleased to announce the creation of a text messaging system: Governors 411. The text number is 931-292-GOVZ (4689) which will benefit all students as they transition and become acclimated into the institution.

Have a general question? Text 931-292-GOVZ (4689)

It is intended to provide quick answers for questions that do not require research for specific student situations. The system is a standard SMS text messaging service with 160 character limit through Google Voice. The hours of operation for the text line will be 8-4:30p Monday –Friday.

Student Transitions will ensure messages received get a guaranteed reply within 24-48 hours. If the question cannot be answered, a standard reply such as: “Thank you for your message. This issue is too advanced for texting. We are connecting you to the Registrar’s Office, who will get back to you ASAP.”