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APSU 1000

2013-2014 Bulletin Statement

APSU 1000 is required of all students who have earned less than 12 hours of traditional, college level course work; remedial, developmental, non-traditional and dual enrolled credit course work are not included in these hours.  The course work must be completed in a college or university setting.  It is encouraged for all students who transfer to APSU.

An interdisciplinary course which provides students with the foundations for success at APSU. Emphasis is placed on the meaning, values and goals of a liberal education as students engage in academic and career planning, use the tools for information literacy, develop good academic habits, and engage in campus life.

A significant part of the First-Year Experience is the freshman seminar, APSU 1000. The course is taught by faculty representing all academic disciplines and academic support professionals. The course is for and about students as they make the transition to the university and develop habits needed for academic success.

During the course, students will have the opportunity to explore the requirements of academic majors and careers related to those majors, to learn to use university resources effectively and efficiently, and to interact with faculty and peers in meaningful ways both inside and outside the classroom.

Peer Mentors

Each section of APSU 1000 is supported by a successful student. These students attend all class meetings, support the APSU 1000 instructors, and, just as the title describes, are mentors for the students in their classes. This course meets during APEX, August 23-25th, and once/twice each week beginning the first week of class and ending during the last week of classes. The peer mentor is expected to meet the class each class period and to be available at least one additional hour to assist both the instructor and students as needed.


  • Assist in the course: plan activities to support topics, deliver at least one topic (typically the Four Year Plan), maintain correspondence with students via D2L and APSU Student Email/Live Mail.
  • Assist with APEX and APEX weekend events.
  • Attend all weekly class sessions (55 minutes), and assist in the facilitation/presentation of class material and activities. The peer mentor will see that the classroom is in order (equipment stored properly in SMART classrooms, erase board) at the end of the class period.
  • Meet with faculty instructor outside class to facilitate planning.
  • Maintain regular correspondence with the Office of Student Transitions
  • Serve as a role model of positive behavior, representing the University with pride and respect, in and out of the classroom.
  • Facilitate interaction with new students. Engage all students in conversation and activities, including ice breakers, campus tour, and other activities. Meet either one-on-one or in a small group setting with each student at least once outside of class during the semester. (This can include any assistance provided to the small groups for their group projects.)
  • Encourage student involvement on campus. Assist students in becoming connected with opportunities such as Academic Support Center, Student Life and Leadership, SGA, Foy Recreation Center, and student organizations of interest to the student.
  • Serve as a personal resource and contact for the students in your assigned class, sharing with them your experience at APSU and your knowledge of campus resources.
  • Demonstrate the willingness to complete other reasonable tasks requested by the instructor or the Office of Student Transitions.

Job Expectations and Requirements

  • Attend at least one training session. Time and date TBA.
  • Attained sophomore-level standing and a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA; maintain full-time student status and in good standing with Austin Peay State University. Applicants must have no history of formal or informal Student Code of Conduct violations.
  • Be involved in the APSU campus activities and remain current in knowledge of APSU services and expectations.
  • Speak positively of APSU experiences and promote benefits of APSU 1000.
  • Report to each class on time and remain until class is dismissed.


  • Pairings with classes are based on instructor’s requests, scheduling availability and the needs of the First-Year Program.
  • A $400 - $600 (depending on the class assigned) scholarship.