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New Finanicial Aid Changes 2011-2012

We’re changing the way your loans, grants and scholarships are disbursed!

To better serve our students and allow for greater flexibility in awarding financial aid at our main and Fort Campbell campuses, we have made the following changes to financial aid disbursement policy:


You will receive a student loan disbursement just once per semester.

  • The semesters are fall, spring and summer.
    • Your “fall” disbursement must cover classes you take in Fall (main campus), Fall I and Fall II.
    • Your “spring” disbursement must cover classes you take in Spring (main campus), Spring I and Spring II.
    • Your “summer” disbursement must cover classes you take in all main campus summer sessions, as well as Summer III.
  • The sooner your classes start, the sooner we will disburse your loan.  For example:
    • If you are taking classes during Fall I and Fall II, you’ll receive funds to cover both terms in August. You’ll pay for Fall I expenses and then save remaining loan funds to cover educational expenses for Fall II, which starts in October.
    • If you’re taking classes only during Fall II, you will receive funds in October.

If you are taking classes that start after your disbursement date, you must save adequate loan funds to cover those costs.



Grants and Scholarships will be disbursed according to enrollment hours. 

  • For example, if you are enrolled half-time (6 hours) for Fall I, you will receive one-half of your award.  If you subsequently enroll for an additional 6 hours for Fall II, you will receive the remaining half of your award. 


  • If you want to purchase your books BEFORE you receive your loan refund, you can charge them at the APSU Bookstore. To do so, you simply must (1) have a positive balance on your student account, (2) have completed a Title IV Authorization form and submitted it to the financial aid office and (3) have confirmed your classes.  You’ll find the Title IV Authorization form under “Online Forms” at