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Designed for the Sciences

Eight years in design, two years under construction, Austin Peay’s new science building is one of the South’s premier science teaching facilities, offering students unsurpassed convenience, safety and educational research opportunities.

  • Networked classrooms and labs let students download projected slides, graphs and lecture material from their desk—or their dorm room-—with one keystroke.Sundquist Science Building
  • Abundant lab space allows students to run experiments over a period of time--without dismantling projects.
  • Evacuation hoods continually exhaust air away from lab areas so students work safely and comfortably.
  • Two specially equipped microbiology labs allow students to conduct research using current molecular-based technology.

There’s More.

Along with state-of-the-art classrooms and lab space, the science building offers:

  • Superbly equipped instrument labs with several major analytical instruments.
  • Museum of zoology with more than 20,000 specimens.
  • Herbarium with more than 30,000 specimens.
  • Planetarium