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Wildflowers of the Land Between The Lakes Region, Kentucky and Tennessee

Wildflower book cover imageWildflowers of the Land Between The Lakes Region, Kentucky and Tennessee. Second Edition. Edward W. Chester and William H. Ellis. 2000.
6 x 9". 228 pp., spiral bound. ISBN 1-880617-08-0. $10.00.

From The Preface

During the formative years of Land Between The Lakes in the early 1960s, extensive research on the flora and fauna of the area was conducted by Austin Peay State University biologists. The research was sponsored by the Tennessee Valley Authority and included production of a series of field guides. Three of these, Spring Wildflowers of Land Between The Lakes (1971), Summer and Fall Wildflowers of Land Between The Lakes (1973), and Trees and Shrubs of Land Between the Lakes (1980), have not been available for several years.

The first edition of this book, Wildflowers of Land Between The Lakes Region, was published in 1995. The current (second) edition includes all species listed in the first edition, and has been expanded with photographs to cover many of the most common kinds of trees and shrubs.

This publication is written for those who want to identify some of the flowering plants, including the trees and shrubs and the non-flowering conifers of the LBL region, to know where they grow, and to learn some other things about them. And while that knowledge is a joy, and worthy in itself, increased interest in and awareness of the vast natural resource we call the plant kingdom are the ultimate goals of this publication. For with interest and awareness may come appreciation and knowledge. Only then can we sensibly conserve, preserve, and serve as stewards of this earth and its plant life, which ultimately sustain us and other animals.

This publication is an educational contribution of the Center for Field Biology, a Tennessee Center of Excellence at Austin Peay State University, Dr. Benjamin P. Stone, Director. It was funded by and produced under the auspices of the Center for Field Biology.

Sample Page

Sample page with pictures of a couple of wildflowers and a bit of text

The Second Edition includes:

  • Introduction with historical, topographical, and vegetational settings;
  • 364 color photographs of 310 species;
  • Descriptive text for each species;
  • Four vignettes with color photographs and anecdotal material;
  • Complete indexes.