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Campus Security Equipment Requests



This is a brief explanation of the items that are available for installation on  campus.  The costs listed below are estimates and an actual cost will be forwarded to you after the request is reviewed by the security equipment committee. 

Security Cameras:

The university is using 2 basic types of cameras, an indoor dome camera and an outdoor enclosed.  All cameras will require a data port installed if there is not one in the immediate area.  Depending on the number and building location of the camera request(s) an additional data switch maybe necessary in the communications closets.   Other camera options are available at a higher cost and may require additional equipment as well.

Estimated indoor camera installation coming soon

Estimated outdoor camera installation coming soon

Data port (normal) installation coming soon

If you are interested in having security cameras installed in your area, please follow the link below. 

Door readers and electronic door locks

There are a couple of basic electronic door locking mechanisms on campus based upon the door and building structure.  A decision on the best locking device will be made based upon input from company and appropriate university personnel.  However, installing a locking mechanism and a reader is just a part of the overall system.  There will need to be control panel(s) installed, programmed and integrated with the overall system.  While an electronic door locking may appear to be an easy install, it will all depend on the infrastructure already in place.

Estimated door control system install coming soon

Panic  Alarms:

There is an option of having installed a panic or duress alarm system.  The university is looking a two different systems; a hardwired system that will have a “button” at a desk and a wireless version.  The hardwired system is the least expensive system and could be used with notifying systems already in place.  The wireless system would require the purchase of a wireless system.

Wired panic alarm estimate: coming soon

Wireless panic alarm system: coming soon

Call Boxes:

For an inside call box with just an emergency call sign the approximate pricing is:


$300 – Install telephone cable to phone location
$100 – Analog Phone line
$300 – Indoor push-button phone and sign

For an outside wall-mounted call box with blue light the approximate pricing is:

$300 – Install telephone cable to phone location
$400 – Install power to phone location
$100 – Analog Phone line
$800 – Outdoor phone with blue light

For an outside tower phone pricing will have to be determined separately for each location based on the availability of both a phone line and power.  The minimum price to install a new blue light tower phone is at least $5000.


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