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Parenting and Divorce

An Education Program for Divorcing Parents
In January 2001, the Tennessee legislature passed a law requiring divorcing parents of minor children to attend a parent education seminar prior to their divorce being granted.  To fulfill this requirement, APSU'S Center for Extended and Distance Education is pleased to offer "Parenting and Divorce."  Our program is approved by the State of Tennessee.  You may attend our course in either location, regardles of where your divorce is filed. 

Parenting and Divorce is a four-hour interactive seminar.  It does not tell parents how to raise their children; rather, this court-mandated class aims to accomplish the four simple, yet highly important, goals listed below.  Though not court mandated, we highly encourage step-parents, grandparents, and significant others to take this seminar as well.

  • Strengthening the family unit by focusing on what the children are going through and offering ways to help children cope with divorce and feelings of loss.
  • Communicating more effectively with your children and your former spouse.
  • Identifying the warning signs of depression and anger in your children.
  • Handling the trauma children face during and after the family unit changes due to divorce or separation.

Since 1990, hundreds of thousands of parents have taken the Parenting and Divorce program throughout the United States.  Most who have taken the class agreed on the importance of keeping their children both physically and mentally healthy during and after the divorce.  Taking this seminar helped them reach that goal.

Important Note:
* Couples going through a divorce or involved in litigation can NOT attend the same seminar session.
* If you have filed an Affidavit of Indigency and can provide proof with your registration, the course fee will be $15 (covers the workbook).  In order to qualify, a copy of the Affidavit must be provided.  Contact us at 931-221-7816 or to discuss.
* Early registration discount applies.  Students not eligible if filing an Affidavit of Indigency.

For more information about the program, class meeting dates, or to register, contact 931-221-7816 or  

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