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Refund Policy for ESL Classes

F-1 Visa International Students

When a new or transferring F-1 student applies to ESL Institute, she/he submits $115 (ESL only) or $130 (ESL + undergraduate) with the application:

$50 new student fee (non-refundable) + $65 express mail fee

($130: $65 new student fee (non-refundable) + $65 express mail fee)

  • If the student does not use the express mail service, the $65 will be applied towards tuition at registration.
  • If the student does not use the express mail service and fails to arrive and register for classes, the $65 express mail fee will refunded.

No refunds of tuition or fees will be made for any reasons for withdrawals or cancellations on or after the first day of classes.

Contact the APSU Office of Housing and Residence Life at 931-221-7444 or their web site at for housing deposit refund information.


Non F-1 students

  • Students will be refunded in full if a course is canceled by the ESL Institute.
  • Other requests for a refund of course fees may be made by phone, fax, mail or in person. Request for refunds of course fees received one week (five business days (Monday-Friday)) or more before the start date of the class will receive a full refund.
  • No refunds or transfer of fees will be made for any reason once a class has started.
  • Non F-1 students who request refunds prior to the start of the class but less than five buisness days (Monday-Friday) prior to the the start date will have the option of transferring to another class. Escrowed funds will be held for no more than one year and may be applied to the fees for any other course offered by the ESL Institute. Funds that are unused in one year will be forfeited.


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