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Special Observances.

Special observances were designed for the purpose of providing cultural awareness to everyone. Commemorative activities conducted for these observances should be educational and employment-related.

The following are Special Emphasis Observances implemented by Presidential Proclamation, Executive Orders and Public Law . 

The birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; African American Heritage; Women's History; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month; Asian Pacific Americans; Women's Equality Day; Hispanic Americans; Disability Employment Awareness Month; American Indian/Alaskan Native Heritage and Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.  

Each month the page will be updated to reflect information relative to that months special observance.

 May 2018 is Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month


The countries on this map are considered to be part of the Asian-Pacific Islander Complex. The Pacific Islands region of the South Pacific Ocean is called Oceania when Australia and New Zealand are included. There are approximately 25,000 islands, atolls and islets in Oceania. Within the Pacific Islands region are the subregions of Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. The islands of Tonga, Tahiti, and Fiji are located within two of these three areas.


 Asian-Pacific Islanders have played an integral part in every part of American history. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have long been leaders in every aspect of our social fabric — in government, business, science, medicine, the arts, education and our armed forces.

From Angel Island, where more than 1 million Asian immigrants arrived on these shores, to the Chinese immigrants who helped build the railroads across the country, to the Japanese American internment camps of World War II, these stories are all important threads in the great American tapestry. 

Learn more about Asian-Pacific Islander Culture.

Far too often people fail to realize culture differences and this can be avoided by learning more about those around you. Eating Chinese food does not make you an expert on Chinese culture anymore than eating hotdogs and watching baseball makes anyone an expert on American culture. We need to get out, travel, meet and experience these cultural differences. Only once we truly know each other can we have a unified world.

Look at these images and see what a beautiful world is out there for you to explore.