Solar Eclipse 2017
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On Monday, August 21, 2017, beginning at about 10:15 in the morning, the first shadow of the eclipse touches land at Newport, Oregon . The path of totality will continue diagonally across the United States, leaving the country at McClellan, South Carolina at 2:49 pm.  Clarksville and the surrounding area are in the path of totality which will occur here at 1:26 pm. This eclipse will be the first total solar eclipse visible from mainland United States since 1979.

Curriculum Resources for K-6 Teachers

General Resources

2017 Eclipse Facebook Page

Eclipse Resources on Twitter

Eclipse Resources on Pinterest

Information about the Eclipse in Clarksville

Glossary of Solar Eclipse Terms

The Great American Eclipse

Mr. Eclipse

Best Spots to See the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

2017 Solar Eclipse Teaching Ideas

Technology Resources

K-6 Technology Resources

Math Resources

Dr. Assad's Math Resources

Dr. Pirkle's Science Resources

Solar Science: All-American Total Solar Eclipse

Solar Science: Exploring Sunspots, Seasons, Eclipses, and More

Size scales in Astronomy

Some Basic Astronomy Demonstrations for Early Elementary Ages

Slides of Scale Models of Earth, Moon, and Sun

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Eclipse Photography

Moon (lists today’s phase)

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Dr. Short's  Science Resources

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Dates and Locations for the Next Decade 

August 21, 2017, Total Eclipse 

Carolina Curriculum – Solar and Lunar Eclipses

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What is an Eclipse? Grades K-4 

What is an Eclipse? Grades 5-8 

How to Make a Pinhole Camera 

Myths and Legends about Eclipses 

Children’s Books about Lunar and Solar Eclipses 

K-3 Reading Resources

Eclipse Powerpoint

Eclipse Trifold Template

Eclipse Trifold Template Answer Key

Paper Plate Pinhole Projector

Eclipse PowerPoint with References

Eclipse Graphic Organizers

Eclipse Text Set Purchase

Solar Eclipse Videos

Eclipse Rubric ELA

4-6 Reading Resources

Eclipse Notes Handout

Eclipse Video 2017

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Resources for Myths about Eclipses

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Eclipse Myth Writing Rubric