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Dr. Sheila Pirkle


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Grant Proposals Submitted:

Tennessee STEM Innovation Network - First to the Top:

  • West Tennessee STEM Platform District and Regional STEM Innovation Hub*, $805.529
  • Physical Science for Elementary Teachers, $175,317

National Science Foundation

  • Tennessee/Kentucky Regional Robert Noyce Scholarship*s, $1,146,626
  •  CReST: Collaborative Redesign of Science in Tennessee**, $7,852,387
  • Collaborative Research: DLSpoint - Characterizing Low-Mass Stellar Populations Using the Deep Lens Survey**, $ 54,815

Tennessee Higher Education Commission:

  • Collaborative STEM Professional Development for Middle School Teachers**, $199,178
  • Collaborative STEM Professional Development for Grades 3-5 Teachers**, $199,958
  • Collaborative STEM Professional Development for High School Teachers**, $197,651

 *Not funded

** Under review