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Student Tennessee Education Association

Austin Peay State University
Tennessee Education Association
National Education Association

Who can enroll?

Student Membership is available if you are enrolled in a postsecondary program that is preparatory for employment in a position that will make you eligible for Active (teacher) membership in the NEA.

When can you enroll?

Enrollment for the current membership year is offered online from the start of the membership year, September 1, through the end of May. Beginning June 1, the online system accepts applications for enrollment for the next membership year.  

Membership Year and Benefits Coverage

The current membership year, 2011-2012, runs from September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012. Benefits of current-year membership, including $1,000,000 Employment Educators Liability insurance coverage, are effective from the date application is made with payment, through the end of the membership year.
The next membership year, 2012-2013, runs from September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013.

How to Enroll

STEA’s annual membership fee ($35.00) includes $1,000,000 of liability protection.
Membership includes the benefits of both the National Education Association (NEA) and the Tennessee Education Association (TEA).
To join:
1. Google (Tennessee Education Association)
2. Under ‘student’ click On-line enrollment. On-line enrollment will take you briefly to the NEA Web site.
3. After successfully completing the enrollment process, you will receive an e-mail confirming your successful enrollment as an NEA Student Member, and a receipt of the transaction.

STEA Officers 2011-2012:

President: Michelle LawrenceVice President: Jodi Davidson
Secretary:  Kristina Latham

Recording Secretary:  David Kennedy

Historian:  Kristina McBride

Treasurer: David Kennedy

STEA Advisor: Dr. Barbara Peterson,

About STEA

Student Tennessee Education Association (STEA) is a professional organization for students pursuing occupations in the education field. By joining STEA, you also become a member of the Tennessee Education Association (TEA) and the National Education Association (NEA). There are many benefits from being a member of STEA. Your membership provides you access to TEA professional development opportunities, such as interview techniques and strategies, annual conferences, professional journals, Praxis II workshops, classroom management workshops, performance based teacher portfolios, and much more.

Your STEA membership also provides you with liability insurance and scholarship opportunities. STEA is involved in many activities around campus and the community, including:
• G.H.O.S.T.
• Black History Bowl
• Students Helping Students
• Read Across America
• Professor of the Semester
• Student Teacher Scholarships

About NEA

In 1857, one hundred educators answered a national call to unite as one voice in the cause of public education. At the time, learning to read and write was a luxury for most children—and a crime for many Black children. One hundred and fifty years later, public education and the profession of teaching are transformed. In 1966 we joined forces with the American Teachers Association. Since then, our voice has swelled to 3.2 million members, and what was once a privilege for a fortunate few is now an essential right for every American child, regardless of family income or place of residence.
Since its beginning, the National Education Association has been ahead of its time, crusading for the rights of all educators and children. Learn more about NEA's rich history, from welcoming Black members four years before the Civil War and electing a woman as president a full decade before Congress granted women the right to vote, to the 1966 merger with the American Teachers Association during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

NEA's Vision, Mission, and Values
Adopted at the 2006 NEA Representative Assembly
The National Education Association

We, the members of the National Education Association of the United States, are the voice of education professionals. Our work is fundamental to the nation, and we accept the profound trust placed in us.

Our Vision

Our vision is a great public school for every student.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for education professionals and to unite our members and the nation to fulfill the promise of public education to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world.

Our Core Values

These principles guide our work and define our mission:

Equal Opportunity. We believe public education is the gateway to opportunity. All students have the human and civil right to a quality public education that develops their potential, independence, and character.

A Just Society. We believe public education is vital to building respect for the worth, dignity, and equality of every individual in our diverse society.

Democracy. We believe public education is the cornerstone of our republic. Public education provides individuals with the skills to be involved, informed, and engaged in our representative democracy.

Professionalism. We believe that the expertise and judgment of education professionals are critical to student success. We maintain the highest professional standards, and we expect the status, compensation, and respect due all professionals.

Partnership. We believe partnerships with parents, families, communities, and other stakeholders are essential to quality public education and student success.

Collective Action. We believe individuals are strengthened when they work together for the common good. As education professionals, we improve both our professional status and the quality of public education when we unite and advocate collectively.

NEA also believes every student in America, regardless of family income or place of residence, deserves a quality education. In pursuing its mission, NEA has determined that we will focus the energy and resources of our 3.2 million members on improving the quality of teaching, increasing student achievement and making schools safer, better places to learn.

About TEA

The mission of the Tennessee Education Association (TEA) is to promote, advance and protect public education, the education profession, and the rights and interests of our members.TEA Building photo
TEA Building, Nashville, TN

Tennessee's Teachers

We are the state’s largest professional organization representing over 55,000 elementary and secondary teachers, school administrators, education support professionals, higher education faculty, and students preparing to become teachers.

TEA actively advocates learning without limits, and our work centers around our core values — community, effectiveness, independence, justice, relevancy, success, unity, and the worth and dignity of individuals.

Strategic Objectives
• TEA will define and pursue improvements and appropriate funding for quality public education.
• TEA will advocate autonomy, appropriate preparation and the highest standards for the education profession.
• TEA will seek compensation and working conditions necessary to attract and retain highly qualified education employees.
• TEA will initiate, preserve and strengthen advocacy programs.
• TEA will enroll its maximum membership potential and encourage greater member participation in the organization.
• TEA will provide the organization structure and budget to accomplish our mission.


TEA has local affiliates in every school district in the state. We are also affiliated with the Tennessee Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) and its local affiliates. We are the sponsors of the Student TEA program and the proud state affiliate of the National Education Association


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