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Course Descriptions

EDUC 5000 - Research in Education - Study and practice in the techniques of educational research; isolation of research problems; development of skill in reading, interpreting and applying research with extensive reading related to the student's interest. Should be taken at the beginning of your program. 3Credit hours 

EDUC 5200 - Evaluation Teaching and Learning - Designed to aid the teacher or administrator in evaluating pupils and programs in terms of goal achievement, desired outcomes, program adjustment and development of evaluation strategies. 3 Credit hours

EDUC 5150 - The Reflective Practitioner - Prerequisite: Must meet Graduate Milestone II requirements; This course is a capstone seminar for students that articulates the role of and explores the varied dimensions of the process of reflective teaching as it may be utilized by the elementary, special education, reading or secondary teacher. A culminating course that summarizes and synthesizes the knowledge acquired throughout the Master of Arts in Education - Advanced Studies specialization. It should be taken the last term of enrollment.  3 Credit hours

EDUC 5611 - Education Computer Application - Students will demonstrate competency in computer applications in the instructional process, including the development of learning materials, the location of educational resources, and the use of software for assessment and classroom management. 3 Credit hours

EDUC 6400 - Social Culture Found in Education - This course examines the impact of past and contemporary assets in American education from anthropological and sociological perspectives, focusing on the teaching and learning of students from diverse backgrounds. 3 Credit hours

EDUC 6500 - Seminar Curriculum Improvement and Construction - Basic principles of curriculum improvement with emphasis upon the means by which schools can more effectively provide learning through curricular organization, adjustment and rebuilding. 3 Credit hours

EDUC 6800 - Seminar on Teach Effectiveness - Focus on theory and practice of teaching, with emphasis upon leadership responsibilities in improving the effectiveness of the classroom teacher. 3 Credit hours

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