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Survey Protocol Ad Hoc Committee

The Survey Protocol Ad Hoc Committee has been tasked to accomplish the following goals:

  • Create university-wide survey administration and survey data use protocols and a master calendar.
  • Develop a process whereby surveys must be approved prior to dissemination (either through IRB and/or other centralized mechanism) to avoid survey student/alumni fatigue and duplication of efforts.
  • Oversee use of Qualtrics survey software.
  • Provide survey design professional development.

The individuals who serve on this committee include those within the university who administer, manage or maintain surveys or their results, as shown in the following table.

Area Survey Protocol Ad Hoc Committee
Provost's Office/Academic Affairs Lynne Crosby (chair)
Distance Education Parishweta Bhatt
Academic Affairs Brandi Bickham
College of Graduate Studies Chad Brooks
Sociology Tucker Brown
Student Affairs Tammy Bryant
Sociology/IRB Jonniann Butterfield
Research and Sponsored Programs Brandi Clements
Psychological Science and Counseling Jessica Hatz
DSIR Jeana McCullough
Distance Education Denise Robledo