Committee Members
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Committee Members

Marsha Lyle-Gonga, Faculty Representative, Chair

David Davenport, Chief Diversity Officer

Meagan Mann, Faculty Representative

Barbara Gray, Faculty Representative

Ma Ying, Faculty Representative

Barry Kitterman, Faculty Representative

Lynn Sims, Faculty Representative

 Erin Lynch, Faculty Representative

 Andrea Goldman, Student Representative

Keyana Peebles, Student Representative

Miguel Ruiz-Aviles, Director of Hispanic Cultural Center, ex officio

Marcellus Braxton, Director of the African American Cultural Center, ex officio

Marissa Chandler, Director of International Education

Amy Corlew, Director of Admissions

 Sheila Bryant, Director of Affirmative Action, ex officio

 Rex Gandy, Liaison for Academic Affairs, ex officio

Fonda Fields, Director of Human Resources

Lynette Taylor, Associate Director of Disability Services

 Jasmin Linares, Coordinator for Military Student Center, ex officio

Louise Mitchell, Coordinator for Hispanic Cultural Center, ex officio