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Services for Access & Assistive Technology

Some of the services offered through ODS:

  • Note-takers allow you to concentrate on the lecture rather than worrying if you are writing down enough information.
  • Exam Assistants provide you with the ability to take your test with ease. They can read your test questions and/or write down your verbal answers.
  • Alternative Format Program provides you with books and materials available in eText, Daisey, MP3, Braille, tactile graphics and more.
  • Assistive Technology Orientation Program offers individual and group orientation to the various assistive technology software and devices available through ODS and APSU.

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Assistive Technology Lab

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
    Hardware device that allows for enlargement of text up to 60 times the actual size.
  • Zoom Text and MAGic Magnifier
    Easy to use software programs that magnify the computer screen, word processors, spreadsheets, databases, online services, and more.
  • JAWS for Windows is a powerful accessibility solution that reads information on your computer screen using synthesized speech.
  • Kurzweil 3000
    This award-winning text-to-speech software is a reading, writing, and study skills solution for struggling learners, including ESL students and students with disabilities.
  • Kurzweil 1000
    Software that makes printed or electronic text readily available to people who are blind or visually impaired. It combines accessibility, communication and productivity tools to ease and enhance the reading, writing and learning experience.

ODS Assistive Technology Availability Plan & Universal Access Workstation

Some of our Assistive Technology auxiliary aides available for loans:

  • Voice Calculators
    Provides an audio output for mathematical numbers and scientific functions.
  • Franklin Language Master
    Improve your vocabulary, word choice, pronunciation, spelling, writing, and word study.
  • Hearing Helper FM System
    Helps those with hearing impairments who need auditory assistance in a classroom.
  • Victor Reader Vibe and Stream
    Daisy, MP3 player for alternative format textbooks and files.

If you believe you can benefit from our services, please arrange an appointment with one of our staff to assess how we may best serve your needs.

We also serve as liaisons/advocates to other branches of the University Community. Such as: