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ODS Values

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) provides services for students with physical, mental, or learning disabilities. Our staff is available to answer questions you may have regarding the services we offer to APSU students with disabilities. We offer several workshops to both students and instructors to help develop an awareness and promote a better understanding of the needs of students with disabilities.

What do we do?

Each semester the Office of Disability Services assists you by ensuring that the necessary accommodations you request are available to you.

We assist in the process of obtaining:

  • accessible housing
  • auditory information printed
  • enlarged print
  • interpreter services
  • special testing settings/conditions
  • physical access
  • reader services
  • special seating
  • note taking

We also serve as liaisons/advocates to other branches of the University Community. Such as:

If you believe you can benefit from our services, please arrange an appointment with one of our staff to assess how we may best serve your needs.