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Disability Services Faculty Reference Page

Testing Guidance - Faculty:

1. The student schedules the exam with ODS at least ONE WEEK prior to the date of exam.
a. Note: If your student has back-to-back classes, they will consult with you about scheduling the time for their exam before they schedule the exam with ODS. 

2. ODS coordinates with instructors the delivery and location of the exam.

3. In the event that testing space is unavailable through ODS, the student may be required to complete the exam in the academic department.

4. Extended Time: The standard for extended time at APSU is time and a half. Ex: MWF classes have 1.5 hours to complete the test.

5. Reader/Scribe: ODS will coordinate with the student and instructor to provide a reader/scribe. All students requesting this accommodation must request ONE WEEK prior to the date of the test due to scheduling.

Testing Appointment Online Request Form

The Electronic Accommodation Letter Process:

Every semester, students with disabilities are required to notify the Office of Disability Services (ODS) of their intent to use ODS qualified accommodations in one or more of their classes by submitting an Accommodation Letter Request form to ODS. The following is an explanation of an APSU faculty member’s participation in this process. 

1. Faculty will receive an accommodation letter by APSU email for students requesting accommodations in one of their classes (please see example accommodation letter below). 

2. Faculty will meet with the student requesting accommodations for a conference to discuss the implementation of the accommodation(s) identified in the letter, and fill out the conference form the student brings to the conference meeting (please see example conference form below). 

a. If the class identified in the accommodation letter is an on ground class, the conference should be a face-to-face meeting in a location that protects the student’s confidentiality (i.e. in the faculty member’s office). 

b. If the class is online, the conference can be either through APSU email between the faculty member and student with ODS copied in the email or by telephone followed by an APSU email detailing the conversation with ODS copied in the email. 

3. Faculty who have questions about the accommodation letter process or the accommodations identified in a letter, are encouraged to contact Disability Services at 931-221-6230 v or 931-221-6278 tty. 

Please see the samples listed below for examples of the accommodation letter sent through email and the conference form:

Sample Accomdation Letter.docx

Faculty Student Conference Sample.docx


For questions/reference on guidance for students, please visit the "Guidance for Students Receiving Assistance Through the Office of Disability Services" page found under the Accommodations link on the left navigation column