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Dickson Class Schedule

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Spring Semester: January 16 - May 9, 2014

CRNCourse# Course NameDay/Time
1283EDUC 5760Human Resource AdminT 4:30-7:30 pm
1243RDG 5830Assess Literacy Progress M 6-9 pm
3634COMM 3010Integrated Corp Comm (3/16-5/9/2014)Web
3626COMM 3400Mass Comm Research Methods (3/16-5/9/2014)Web
3637COMM 4650Mass Media Law (3/16-5/9/2014)Web
3628COMM 3710Corporate Media Scriptwriting (*ends 3/15/2014)Web
3630COMM 3800Principle of Media Advertising (*ends 3/15/2014)Web
3632COMM 4010Communication Theory (*ends 3/15/2014)Web
3580HHP 3000Health Care ManagementWeb
3581HHP 3030Nutrition Science and ApplicWeb
3588HHP 4060Consumer HealthWeb
3600HIST 3520A History of Modern China (* ends 5/9/2014)Web

Spring Semester I: January 11 - March 7, 2014

CRNCourse#Course NameDay/Time
372PSY 3100Developmental PsychologyWeb
373PSY 3210Psychology of WomenWeb
374PSY 4380Military PsychologyWeb

Spring Semester II: March 15 - May 9, 2014

CRNCourse#Course NameDay/Time
285PSY 3100Developmental PsychologyWeb
286PSY 3200Adolescent DevelopmentWeb
287PSY 3230African American PsychologyWeb

To ensure you are registering for a class held at the Dickson Renaissance Center, please check carefully for the section number and location; most courses are section 99.

To register for classes or review the Class Schedule, please go to OneStop at Instructions and further information about registration are found at


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