(Posted 10/2/18) ALL, Cupcakes & Canvas
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(Posted 10/2/18) ALL, Cupcakes & Canvas

Cupcakes and Canvas is an interactive painting experience that allows you to paint and explore your own artistry while having the option to seek guidance from an art student. During this event, we will be celebrating Halloween. Gourmet cupcakes will be provided along with light refreshments and snacks. Go to apsu.edu/aacc to register as seating is limited.


  target audience - Everyone


  event date time - 10/09/18 3:45 p.m.


  sponsor - Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center


  contact person - Angie Leonard


  email - aacc@apsu.edu


  telephone - 931-221-7120


  website - www.apsu.edu/aacc