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(11/6/17) FAC/STAFF: Performance Evaluation Rating Standard Explanation

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce some exciting updates to performance evaluations for the coming year. The performance evaluation criteria have been simplified and clarified.  Now one performance evaluation will be used for all professional, support, and administrative staff.
Human Resources will be offering a number of training session to discuss the new evaluation criteria.  You can sign up for one of these sessions at the "Register" button.  Please work with your manager/staff to find a time that you can attend.  We highly encourage everyone to participate in one of these sessions.
Kindly review the Performance Evaluation Rating Standard Explanation at this site:  http://www.apsu.edu/human-resources/training/index.php
  targetaudience - ['Faculty/Staff']
  eventdatetime - 11/16/17 9:00 AM
  sponsor - Human Resources
  contactperson - Marian Perron
  email - perronm@apsu.edu
  telephone - 931-221-6295
  website - http://www.apsu.edu/human-resources/training/index.php