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(Posted 11/30/17) ALL: Got Values? The Power of Personal Ethics. Talk by Philosophy -- Ethical Studies Major and Director of Nashville Nones Convention, Patrick Horst. Nov. 30, 3-4:30 p.m., UC 312.

This discussion will explore the merits of each person articulating a strong ethical value system for their own lives: what might that look like?  As one example, Patrick, an Ethical Studies major, will offer a brief presentation on his personal values system, followed by a fun and fast-paced critical discussion of its merits. There will be time for questions and discussion.  
  targetaudience - ['Everyone']
  eventdatetime - 11/30/17 3:00 PM
  sponsor - Philosophy Club and Students for Secular Humanism
  contactperson - Dr. Jordy Rocheleau
  email - rocheleauj@apsu.edu
  telephone - (931) 216-2851