(Posted 6/25/18) STUDENTS, Learn Ancient Greek!
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(Posted 6/25/18) STUDENTS, Learn Ancient Greek!

Go Greek For Real! No grade for speaking! This fall learn the language of the New Testament, the language of Homer, Sappho, and Sophocles, the language of myth and history. No prereq. GREK 1010-07 3030, 11:15 a.m. MWF; APSU offers a full four years of Greek. We have majors and minors, and a study abroad program to Greece. Have some fun, learn Greek!


  target audience - Students


  event date time - 08/27/18 11:15 AM


  sponsor - Dept. of Languages and Literature


  contact person - Dr. Tim Winters


  email - winterst@apsu.edu


  telephone - 931-221-7118


  website - https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.apsu.edu%2Fclassics&data=02%7C01%7Cmoorel%40apsu.edu%7C7e4213daf57c4a52611608d5dab1886a%7Ca45657c5d99648ce803c4267cb5ab373%7C0%7C0%7C636655378394753651&sdata=U%2BQ9MTpIqT7%2BK5dNHhS8ffkAR%2B5CuN3WMrDyUtEtk6E%3D&reserved=0