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(Posted 2/27/18) ALL: Dodge Like A Champion, Mar. 17, 2:30, Memorial Health Gymnasium (Red Barn)

Come and join Alpha Sigma Alpha as we host our annual dodge ball tournament to raise money for the Special Olympics, on Saturday March 17th at 2:30 p.m.. Invite your friends to make a team, or  enjoy the tournament. It will be held in the Memorial Health Gymnasium (Red Barn). We are tabling Feb 28, Mar 2 and Mar 12-16. For more information, come and have a chat with us.


  targetaudience - ['Everyone']


  eventdatetime - 03/17/18 2:30 PM


  sponsor - Alpha Sigma Alpha


  contactperson - Elizabeth Harden


  email - asazophilanthropy@gmail.com


  telephone - 9012927973


  website -