Videos and Handouts (Complete List)
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Dr. Gray Kane's "Negotiation Strategies for Women" (6/10/14)

Dr. Michael Hosokawa's "Teacher Education for Tomorrow: Problem Based Learning" (11/12/10)

Brett Sokolow's "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act" (FERPA) (11/2/10)

Brett Sokolow's "The Disruptive Student" (11/2/10)

Dean Greg Singleton and Dr. Berrylin Martin's "Fostering a Community of Engagement" (10/26/10)

Dr. Dennis Pearl's "Course Revitalization: The Buffet Model" (10/01/10)

Interview with Dr. Tristan Denley about departmental ownership of course redesigns (6/28/10)

Interview with Dr. Tristan Denley about the role of APSU's facilities in the planning of a course redesign (6/28/10)

Students in an APSU English 1010 course discuss their experiences using i>clicker in the course

Dr. Matt Jones from the Dept. of Mathematics and Stacie Mumpower from the Dept. of Communication discuss, "Course Redesign: Their Potential Pitfalls and Opportunities" (4/1/10)

Dr. Tomarra Adams' "Establishing and Measuring Student Learning Outcomes for the Academic Advising Experience" (2/26/10)

Dr. Gordon Hodge's "Increasing Student Success and Retention Through Required and Repeatable Low-stakes Quizzes" (12/10/09)

Dr. Joe Urgo's “Easy as 1-2-3: Designing Assignments and Grading Papers so that Writing Supports Learning” (11/05/09) (low audio, requires good speakers)

Interview with Dr. Tristan Denley about course redesign at Austin Peay (10/28/09)

Dr. Tristan Denley's “Course Redesign – It’s not just about Computers and Money” (10/27/09)

Dr. Chris Dede's "Emerging Interactive Media and Neomillennial Learning in Higher Education" (9/23/09)

"Media-Based Learning Styles: Should Higher Education Yield to Them? A Faculty Roundtable Discussion" (9/22/09)

"Technology and the Diversity of Learning: A Faculty Roundtable Discussion" (9/8/09)

2009 Course Revitalization Summer Teaching Academy