PASS 0900 Enhanced Program
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The PASS 0900E sections were offered during the Spring 2012 semester as a pilot program for at risk students. The program had three enhanced sections for the spring. One section was specifically for students who wereon probation. The other two sections were for students returning from academic suspension. 

The Enhanced Pass program included three components: two days of regular class instruction and an additional guided study session that includes Academic Coaching and Tutoring opportunities for students. At the beginning of the program, students are explained the purpose of the enhanced PASS 0900 course and agree to fulfill all requirements of the program, including mandatory regular Academic Coaching sessions, study sessions, and regular reflection on academic progress and success.

As a result of this pilot program, all PASS 0900 classes are scheduled for three contact hours per week, with the additional time spent on academic coaching and guided study sessions. Although tutoring is not offered during class time, students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the tutoring and writing centers on campus.