Completed RASI Projects
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Completed RASI Projects

Fall 2016 Pilots

Chemistry 1110: General Chemistry - Dr. Robin Reed, Dr. Leslie Hiatt, and Dr. Lisa Sullivan

Chemistry 1120: General Chemistry - Dr. Robin Reed, Dr. Leslie Hiatt, and Dr. Lisa Sullivan

Math 1910: Calculus and Analytical Geometry - Dr. Ramanjit K. Sahi and Dr. Brad Fox

Fall 2015 Pilots

HHP 2030: Teaching Youth and Adolescent Health - Donna Dey and Dr. Kadi Bliss

SPED 4340: Effective Inclusion Strategies - Dr. Gina Grogan

Fall 2014 Pilots

Geography 1020: Geography of Europe, the Americas and Australia - Dr. Christine Mathenge

Geology 1041: Physical Geology Lab - Drs. Kallina Dunkle, Lindsay Szramek, and Richard Wheeler

Computer Science 3300: Introduction to Web Development - Dr. Leong Lee

Math 1110: Algebraic Problem Solving - Drs. Ramanjit Sahi, Tyler Turner, and John Nicholson

Fall 2013 Pilots

Biology 2010: Human Anatomy and Physiology I - Dr. Gilbert Pitts and Dr. James Thompson

Computer Science 1015: Introduction to Computer Programming - Dr. Yingbing Yu and Dr. Jiang Li

Education 2100: Foundations of Education - Dr. Jennie Preston-Sabin and Dr. Don Luck

Geology 1041: Physical Geology Laboratory Online - Dr. Phyllis Camilleri and Dr. Jack Deibert

Math 1530: Elements of Statistics - Dr. Ellen Smyth and Dr. James Sanders

Music 1030: Music Appreciation Online - Dr. Emily Crane and Dr. Ann Silverberg

Political Science 2040: Introduction to Public Policy - Dr. Marsha Lyle-Gonga

Spring 2013 Pilots

Psychology 3100: Developmental Psychology - Dr. Paul Nicodemus

English 2030: Traditions in World Literature - Dr. Dwonna Goldstone and Dr. Dan Shea

Spanish 1020: Elementary Spanish II - Dr. Miguel Ruiz and Dr. Osvaldo DiPaolo

Fall 2012

APSU 1000: Liberal Arts in University Life - Christina Chester-Fangman and Gina Garber

CHEM 1010/1011: Chemistry: Society and the Environment (and lab) - Dr. Meagan K. Mann

MATH 1420: Structure of Mathematical Systems II - Dr. Ann Assad, Dr. Jackie Vogel, Ashley Whitehead, and Dr. Andy Wilson

MATH 1710: College Algebra - Bonnie Hodge, Dr. Samuel Jator, and Dr. Nell Rayburn

PHIL 1030: Introduction to Philosophy - Dr. Jordy Rocheleau

SPAN 1010: Elementary Spanish I - Dr. Miguel Ruiz and Dr. Osvaldo Di Paolo

Spring 2012

ENGL 1020 - Mercy Cannon

Fall 2011

SOC 2010 - Tucker Brown

BIOL 2300 - Chad Brooks

HHP 1250 - Marcy Maurer and Donna Dey

MATH 1410 - Ann Assad, Jackie Vogel, Andy Wilson, Mary Lou Witherspoon, and Ashley Stonecipher

MATH 1810 - Ben Ntatin

POLS 2010 - Marsha Lyle-Gonga

CSCO 1005 - Jim Vandergriff, Wei Ding, and Nancy Smithfield

CSCI 1010 - Jim Vandergriff and Nancy Smithfield

Spring 2011

MATH 1730 - Shirley Hagewood, Raman Sahi, Kirk Menser

PSY 1010 - Charles Woods

Fall 2010

COMM 2100 - Kathy Heuston, David Von Palko

BIOL 1110 - Karen Meisch, Chad Brooks

Fall 2009

BIOL 2010 - Gilbert Pitts, Cindy Taylor

MATH 1530 - Matt Jones

COMM 1010 - Mike Gotcher, Stacie Wilson Mumpower, Caroline Sawyer Downes

HHP 1250 - Marcy Maurer, Blair Thornton

CHEM 1110 - Carrie Brennan, Rebecca Jones, Robin Reed, Lisa Sullivan, Robyn Ritchie-Janetta