Teaching Showcase
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At the request of an academic college, the Center for Teaching and Learning will co-sponsor a Teaching Showcase, a structured venue for faculty from different departments within an academic college to share teaching ideas with each other in an effort to improve student success.

For more information about developing a Teaching Showcase for your academic college, please contact Dr. Gray Kane.


In Spring 2013, the College of Science and Mathematics and the Center for Teaching and Learning co-sponsored the inaugural Teaching Showcase. Faculty from five departments in the College of Science and Mathematics addressed the teaching methods for high-enrollment general-education courses. Department chairs selected panelists to describe the basic structure of their core-curriculum courses and some of the innovative teaching methods used in them. Panelists and attendees then discussed common impediments to student success and possible strategies for circumventing them. Since every APSU student takes at least three courses from the College of Science and Mathematics, participants hope their efforts will improve student success for the entire campus.

Spring 2013 CoSM Pre-Semester Panelists

Dr. Russ Longhurst of Physics

Dr. Bob Shelton of Chemistry

Dr. Isa Benitez of Chemistry

Dr. Robin Reed of Chemistry

Dr. Gilbert Pitts of Biology

Dr. Karen Meisch of Biology

Dr. Nell Rayburn of Mathematics

Dr. Jack Deibert of Geology

Dr. Phyllis Camilleri of Geology