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New Faculty Orientation Program

Reconceptualized and programatized for Fall 2014, the New Faculty Orientation Program builds an incoming class cohort, fosters a sense of campus community, and promotes a unified framework for success during a faculty member’s first year of service to the institution. For more information, please contact Interim Assistant Provost Lori Buchanan.

Prior to Fall 2014, CTL staff provided a series of workshops related to advising and teaching as a part of New Faculty Orientation.

Spring 2014 topics:

  • Advising as Teaching
  • Advising Resources and Tools
  • Collecting Course Data to Make Effective Changes

Fall 2013 topics:

  • Teaching Students with At-Risk Characteristics
  • Quality Enhancement Plan

Spring 2013 topics:

Fall 2012 topics:

  • Course Design and Assessment
  • Effective Advising Practices, Part I: Theories and Case Studies

Spring 2012 topics:

  • Intrusive Advising
  • Preventing Academic Dishonesty
  • Advising as Teaching
  • Clicker Pedagogy
  • Degree Compass
  • Learning Styles

Fall 2011 topics:

Spring 2011 topics: