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Transitions Dimension Committee


“Foundations Institutions facilitate appropriate student transitions through policies and practices that are intentional and aligned with institutional mission. Beginning with recruitment and admissions and continuing through the first year, institutions communicate clear curricular and co- curricular expectations and provide appropriate support for educational success. They are forthright about their responsibilities to students as well as students’ responsibilities to themselves and the institution. They create and maintain curricular alignments with secondary schools and linkages with secondary school personnel, families, and other sources of support, as appropriate.”

                                                — John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Executive Summary

The Austin Peay State University Transition Dimension Committee has produced the following executive summary as part of the university self-study process for the Foundations of Excellence project. 

Consideration of the success of the less than 30 SCH APSU student, can present unique challenges since there are so many non-traditional groups that APSU serves. Making sure the transition is smooth for so many different types of students can be challenging, yet very satisfying to be in the position to serve so many students that are not only traditional students but first-generation, military related or dependents, a diverse student body and non-traditional. Each of the performance indicators is considered from as many different perspectives as possible and each have their own recommendations, however there are three issues that seem to resonate as a common recommendation or area of concern that encompass all performance indicators.

Issue One: There does not seem to be a clear idea of what a "freshman experience" is here at APSU. There are many programs and recruiting tools that target all student populations and prospective students, but none of our communications, connections or advising strategies share a common vision or goal of what our freshman experience should look like or have a clear outlined objective as to what a student should be able to do or know at the end of their freshman year.

Issue Two: Communication to students about advising, specifically the procedure of how they are advised and the points addressed in these sessions should be uniform across each major and students without a declared major.  Questions about specific career goals, courses in the four-year plan, if the student plans on returning and if not a process to record their response, and opportunities that may be available for students in that major should all be streamlined so that every student is asked the same questions. The idea of each college having their own professional advisors specifically targeted at the freshman class and transfer students was a common recommendation to help make this process more effective and help increase the success of our students. Another recommendation was that there be a common advisor worksheet on AP One Stop. We recognize there is a place for comments but if there were a checklist of questions to make sure the students were having these conversations with their advisor about career goals and not just course work it may help streamline the advising process so it is more uniform across all majors.

Issue Three: A common software program to track our students for purposes of redirect advising, tracking student success within majors or into programs which require a second admissions process would help us recognize where we might best serve our students to increase their success.

Full report

The Austin Peay State University Transition Dimension Committee has produced the following report as part of the university self-study process for the Foundations of Excellence project. You can find a full copy of the report here

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