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Philosophy Dimension Committee


“Foundations Institutions approach the first year in ways that are intentional and based on a philosophy/rationale of the first year that informs relevant institutional policies and practices. The philosophy/rationale is explicit, clear and easily understood, consistent with the institutional mission, widely disseminated, and, as appropriate, reflects a consensus of campus constituencies. The philosophy/rationale is also the basis for first-year organizational policies, practices, structures, leadership, department/unit philosophies, and resource allocation.” 

                                                — John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Executive Summary

The Austin Peay State University Philosophy Dimension Committee has produced the following executive summary as part of the university self-study process for the Foundations of Excellence project. 

Austin Peay State University believes that the first-year experience leads to the progress for retention, persistence, and graduation. In an effort to enhance the experiences of first-year students, the university’s philosophical approach to the experience has needed to evolve to align with our institutional mission, vision, and values.

Full report

The Austin Peay State University Philosophy Dimension Committee has produced the following report as part of the university self-study process for the Foundations of Excellence project Here.

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