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Organization Dimension Committee


“Foundations Institutions create organizational structures and policies that provide a comprehensive, integrated, and coordinated approach to the first year. These structures and policies provide oversight and alignment of all first-year efforts. A coherent first-year experience is realized and maintained through effective partnerships among academic affairs, student affairs, and other administrative units and is enhanced by ongoing faculty and staff development activities and appropriate budgetary arrangements.”

                                                — John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Executive Summary

The Austin Peay State University Organization Dimension Committee has produced the following executive summary as part of the university self-study process for the Foundations of Excellence project. 

In recent years, APSU serves an increasingly more traditional student body in terms of age and ACT scores. However, given the immediate service area, APSU tends to support the educational needs of people who are considered underprepared and/or served populations. The current administrative oversight for 1st year student success is spread across the University in areas with little communication and/or collaboration and, more problematic, very little, if any, trackable/actionable data to impart systemic change. The Organization Dimension (DO) group recommends the following organizational changes to improve 1st year student success.

Full report

The Austin Peay State University Organization Dimension Committee has produced the following report as part of the university self-study process for the Foundations of Excellence project. You can find a full copy of the report here

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