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Fall 2012 Inaugural Faculty Teaching Program Fall 2012 Faculty Teaching Program Dr. Tom O'Connor presents for the Faculty Teaching Program FTP Ceremony Drs. Emily Crane and Karen Meisch

Faculty Teaching Program

Academic Affairs, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and the Center for Extended and Distance Education co-sponsor the Faculty Teaching Program, which recognizes the importance of excellence in teaching at Austin Peay.

In exchange for a course release, the Faculty Teaching Program offers an opportunity for selected faculty to study teaching strategies that can enhance student success. Accepted applicants meet 1-4:30 p.m. each Tuesday of the fall semester. Additional responsibilities include completing weekly assignments, participating in individual teaching consultations, and delivering a professional-development workshop on a particular teaching strategy.

The cohort is selected by the Faculty-Development Planning Committee. For more information, contact Dr. Gray Kane.

Fall 2014 Participants

  • Dr. Anne Black
  • Ms. Kenisha Burke
  • Ms. Ilza Harrell
  • Dr. Meagan Mann
  • Dr. Rod Mills
  • Dr. David Rands
  • Dr. Mickey Wadia

Fall 2012 Participants

  • Dr. Folashade Agusto
  • Dr. Emily H. Crane
  • Dr. Jill Eichhorn
  • Dr. Christine Mathenge
  • Dr. Karen Meisch
  • Dr. Thomas O'Connor
  • Dr. Stephen Truhon

Fall 2012 Topics

  • Classroom Assessments
  • Classroom Management
  • Preventative Measures for Academic Dishonesty
  • Diversity of Learning Styles
  • Ideas from Cognitive Psychology
  • Active-Learning Opportunities
  • Effective Group Activities
  • Classroom Technology
  • Effective Lecturing

Fall 2012 Faculty Presentations

  • "The Exciting Mathematics Classroom," by Dr. Folashade Agusto
  • "Adapting Effective Classroom-Teaching Strategies to Online Teaching," by Dr. Emily Crane
  • "Body-Mind Connections: An Exploratory Workshop on the Role of the Body in Classroom Learning," by Dr. Jill Eichhorn
  • "Promoting Student Engagement in the Classroom," by Dr. Christine Mathenge
  • "Exploring Classroom Assessment Strategies," by Dr. Karen Meisch
  • "Motivating Millennial Students with Online Quizzes," by Dr. Tom O'Connor
  • "Flipping Out with Statistics," by Dr. Stephen Truhon