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Campus Connection Initiative

The APSU Campus Connection Initiative (CCI) coordinates campus interactions that can lead to student, university, or community success.

CCI fosters the development of a more adaptable and knowledgeable faculty and staff capable of responding quickly to internal or external threats or opportunities. CCI organizes diverse tight-knit faculty or staff cohorts to both strenthen the sense of campus community and establish networks for more sustainable cross-campus transfers of information and other resources. Each CCI program encourages participants to reflect on their abilities for innovation and capacities for vision, organizes their connection with diverse campus representatives, and significantly impacts participants' time to encourage new behaviors and help participants develop their capacities for new initiatives.

Selected faculty or staff from diverse departments, academic colleges, or university divisions dedicate a significant time commitment to learning more about leadership, teaching, advising, or campus initiatives. After acquiring a more comprehensive awareness of university operations, current or upcoming initiatives, trends, and relevant literature, participants work on a project to improve student, university, or community success.

For more information about CCI, please contact Dr. Gray Kane.