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Duties and Expectations of Advising Liaisons

Student Contacts

  1. Attend reception hosted by CTL for advisors and advisees on orientation day.
  2. Meet with your advisees in your office during the first couple of weeks of classes. 
  3. Schedule an office appointment with each advisee during the first month of the semester.
  4. Make contact with each advisee for whom you receive any early alerts.  Meet with those advisees and make necessary referrals.
  5. Contact Advisees after you check their midterm grades.  Set up appointments with any advisees who are having difficulty or send a congratulatory message to those who are doing well.
  6. Conduct pre-registration advising appointments with advisees.
  7. Review advisees' final semester grades.  Send an email highlighting successes and offering suggestions for areas needing improvement.

Other Duties and ExpectationsTeacher and Student

  • Familiarize yourself with services offered to students on campus, such as counseling, tutoring, etc.
  • Hold regular advising office hours, and make sure advisees know about them.