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Course Registration Assistant Pilot Program

Program Description


CRA Responsibilities

  • Participate in training prior to the beginning of course registration.
  • Assist freshmen and sophomore students with schedule planning and navigating online university advising tools (Degree Compass, Web Self Service, Degree Evaluation, Undergraduate Bulletin, and OneStop Advising Page).
  • Make referrals to individual pre-professional faculty advisors when needed.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all student records and student meetings.
  • Help students complete the actual registration process, if needed.
  • Follow up with students after the course registration session.
  • Administrative duties associated with the position include scheduling appointments, signing students in when they arrive for an appointment, keeping updated records of registration sessions, and accurately documenting and reporting time worked.

 Description of Typical Meeting Between CRAs and Students

  • 30 minute meetings to discuss the student’s course schedule for the next term.
  • Utilize the student’s registration tools, such as degree evaluation, One Stop advising page, and Degree Compass, to view course options.
  • The CRA keep a copy of the student’s planned course schedule, signed by the student and the CRA.
  • Refer students to their assigned faculty advisor when the student has registration issues the CRA cannot address or the student wishes to take a course not in the program of study for their concentration.
  • Refer students to the correct resource for other specific needs; such as the Financial Aid office for scholarship or loan questions, the Academic Support Center for tutoring assistance, and to the students’ faculty advisors for questions about undergraduate research internship/opportunities and professional school/career information.
  • After successfully meeting with a student, check the student’s advising box to allow them to register on their priority registration day.
  • Send an email to the student with a copy of the course schedule discussed.

 Essential Skills and Qualities Needed to be a CRA

  • Have attained junior or senior status with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Have an understanding of the requirements for their major and concentration.
  • Have an understanding of the tools for educational planning: Degree Evaluation, Degree Compass, OneStop Advising Page, Undergraduate Bulletin, and Web Self Service.
  • Have outstanding communication, interpersonal, and time management skills.
  • Ability to relate well with diverse student, faculty, and staff populations.
  • Ability to work independently with a strong work ethic.
  • Knowledgeable about the academic support resources on campus.

Additional CRA Information

Program Proposal

Program Results