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Course Registration Assistant Pilot Program

Program Proposal


The student group participating in Complete College America planning program on the campus of APSU identified problem areas in course registration from the students’ perspectives and experiences.

  •  Upper-class students would like to have more actual advising time with their faculty advisor for guidance toward their degree and preparation for their post-graduate careers.
  •  Matching schedules for students and faculty advisors to meet is difficult due to faculty responsibilities and student class/work schedules.
  • First-year students often do not keep registration appointments once scheduled, which causes frustration for faculty advisors.

The Course Registration Assistant pilot program was developed to address these concerns and other issues related to course registration.  The pilot program will train and equip upper-class and graduate students to be course registration assistants (CRA) and assist freshmen and sophomore students with course schedule planning.  The objectives of the CRA pilot program are:

  1. Use CRAs to assist freshmen pre-professional health students and freshmen and sophomore Health and Human Performance students with course schedule planning.
  2. CRAs will provide information to students about the requirements of their majors and help them develop course schedules that follow the programs of study for the students' majors.
  3. Students assisted by CRAs will register for the next term during the priority registration period and will register for the courses recommended by the CRA.
  4. Faculty academic advisors of pre-professional health students and Health and Human Performance students will have more time to meet with upper-class advisees.

The CRA pilot program is limited to first- and second-year students with a pre-professional health major or a Health and Human Performance major.