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Chair Leadership Program

The Chair Leadership Program offers an opportunity for departmental chairs, selected by their academic deans, to learn about and discuss initiatives, strategies, tactics, and processes that can help them serve as effective leaders in a complex, change environment.

Over the course of two semesters, participants meet twice a month, and then the program funnels into a chair organization that convenes monthly. Topics depend on participants' interests or concerns, but the program and organization provide chairs with an opportunity to meet and collaborate with both each other and other campus stakeholders who impact their departmental practices.

For more information, please contact Dr. Gray Kane.

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Participants

  • Dr. Pam Gray
  • Dr. Nicole Knickmeyer
  • Dr. Grace Moodt

Spring 2014 - Fall 2014 Participants

  • Dr. Tucker Brown
  • Mary Fran Davis
  • Dr. Jack Deibert
  • Dr. Kevin Harris
  • Dr. Samuel Jator
  • Barry Jones
  • Dr. Marsha Lyle-Gonga
  • Dr. Justin Oelgoetz
  • Dr. Patty Orr
  • Dr. Lisa Sulivan

Spring 2014 - Fall 2014 Topics

"Introduction," by President Hall and Drs. Jaime Taylor and Loretta Griffy. CLP participants learned about the president's and provost's perspectives about the role of departmental chair in a climate of change.

"Budget Overview," by Sonia Stewart. CLP participants learned about the university budget.

"H.R. Budget and Q&A," by Sonia Stewart. CLP participants learned about the H.R. component of departmental budgets.

"Operating, Travel, Summer, and Other Budgetary Components," by Sonja Stewart. CLP participants learned about components of the budget that deal with aspects other than human resources.

"Registrar's Office," by Telaina Wrigley. CLP participants learned about the end-of-term responsibilities and deadlines of the Registrar's Office for a better understanding of how academic departments and the Registrar's Office affect each other.

"The Hiring and Firing Processes," by Mike Hamlet, Fonda Fields, and Sheila Bryant. CLP participants learned about the various stages and nuances of the hiring and firing processes.

"Software and Other Service Contracts," by Stephanie Reevers and Veronica Jackson. The CLP participants learned about the contractual components they can eliminate on the front end to expedite the approval process.

"New Faculty Mentorship," with Dr. Mickey Wadia. The CLP participants learned about and discussed the goals, strategies, and concerns of new-faculty mentorship.

"Conflict Managment between Faculty," with Drs. Alex King and David Guest. The CLP participants learned about and discussed strategies for addressing departmental conflicts.

"Conflict Management between Students and Faculty," with Dr. Jeff Rutter and Dean Greg Singleton. The CLP participants learned about the current state and direction of counseling services on campus, upcoming changes in the way the campus will respond to allegations of sexual assault, and typical conflicts that reach the Dean of Students.

"The Present and Future of Advising at Austin Peay," with Dr. Loretta Griffy and Kacie Hutson. The CLP participants learned about the logisitcs of GOVS ROW, default scheduling, advising for conditionally admitted students, advising for the TN Promise, advising for degree pathways, redirect advising, My Future, and the increasing role of data analytics.