Adults Start-to-Finish Program
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Adults Start-to-Finish Program

The Adults Start-to-Finish Program is geared toward adult learners. (The term “adult learner” is often broadly defined as a non-traditional student. This program defines it as a first-time, full-time student age 25 or older.)

APSU is committed to enhance the college experience for the adult learner, to strengthen services for adult learners, and to ultimately increase the number of adult learners who successfully complete a college degree. Adult learners are a unique population and have challenges very different from traditional aged students.

Adult Learner Action Plan

adult learner receiving assistance
Adult learner receiving assistance from another student.

Student outreach is an important factor in the success and satisfaction of adult learners. Our Adult Learner Outreach Program will connect adult learners with a faculty mentor in their college who will strategically initiate early communication with the student. The goal of this communication will be to establish a relationship with the student and to help the student explore their “Purpose First.” Mentors and students will discuss topics such as, why the student is now in school, whether their major is a good “fit” for their interest and academic skills, and what are the post-graduation employment opportunities in the area they wish to live. The mentor/student relationship would also provide the adult learner a contact person on campus who is knowledgeable about instructor/student interactions and campus resources, both academic and personal.

The second component of our Adult Learner Outreach Program will focus on current adult learners who have earned an excessive number of credit hours, but have not yet earned a degree. A professional advisor will identify a group of current adult learners with 135+ credit hours and a 2.00-2.50 overall GPA and will review their transcripts to see if they are able to more quickly complete the Bachelor of Science in General Studies (BSGS) program. Students will also be advised if they have the credit hours to apply for an Associate of Science in Liberal Arts (AS) degree.



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