Eriksson Undergraduate Scholars
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Eriksson Undergraduate Scholars

Eriksson Undergraduate Scholars are selected students who receive up to $5,000 each fall and spring semesters, to include the semester in which they student-teach, to help them prepare for science and mathematics high school or middle school teaching careers.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Be admitted to APSU with at least 60 semester credit-hours earned.

2. Declare major in a STEM field with a 3.2 grade-point average.

Application Materials:

1. Email to request an application.

2. Submit current resume/vitae.

3. Provide statement of impact, 500 words or less, in which you address how this opportunity will impact you personally, financially and professionally. 

4. Have recommendation from a college faculty member familiar with your academic skills. (Provide name and contact information on the application.)

At the end of each semester, Eriksson Undergraduate Scholars who maintain a 3.2 term and cumulative GPA will be invited to continue participation as a scholar without the need for reapplication. When a student accepts Eriksson funding, the student is obligated to teach for one academic for each semester of funding received.  Should this obligation not be met, the monies received must be returned.

Click Here for Eriksson Undergraduate Scholars Promotional Materials (printable)