Eriksson Mathematics Graduate Fellows
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Eriksson Mathematics Graduate Fellows

Eriksson Graduate Fellows are students selected to receive up to $10,000 annually to participate in a cohort program that results in earning a graduate degree at APSU with a focus on advancing a fellow's knowledge of advanced mathematics. The purpose of the program is to create highly qualified mathematics teachers in high schools and middle schools demonstrating a need for such expertise. The goal is to develop master teachers to provide curriculum leadership to their schools, encourage these skilled teachers to remain in the field of teaching and to create exceptional classrooms in which college students can observe and student teach.

This program delivered as a 2-year cohort program designed for mathematics teachers.  A cohort begins each June of odd-numbered years.  If you are interested in starting your graduate experience with the June 2019 cohort, plan to complete the admission to APSU’s College of Graduate Studies process by December 2018. More information regarding the admission process, can be found here

When a student accepts Eriksson funding, the student is obligated to teach for one academic for each semester of funding received.  Should this obligation not be met, the monies received must be returned

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