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Quick Facts

Full Time Faculty, plus several Adjuncts
Students in all programs
Distinct B.S. Degrees with 6 Concentrations
M.S. Degree with 5 Concentrations
PSM Degree with 4 Concentrations
Minors in Computer Science

Computer Systems Concentration: emphasizes programming and hardware concepts and prepares students for graduate school

Systems Development Concentration: emphasizes computer applications in the business field

Information Assurance and Security Concentration: prepares students to work in the information security and data protection areas

Database Administration Concentration: prepares students to be database administrators and emphasizes Web-based applications

Internet and Web Technology Concentration: prepares students to manage and support Web-based systems

Networking Concentration: provides students with an in-depth understanding of the foundations of data communication and modern networking technology

Networking minor: provides advanced skills in all areas of networking

Mobile Software Technology minor: covers a new, popular area of smartphones and the apps that run on them

Internship opportunities in Internet and Web Technology and Database Administration Concentrations

Information Systems, Internet and Web Technology, and Database Administration concentrations are available on-line

Transfer students welcome! Advisement for the evaluation of transfer credits and the scheduling of classes leading to a degree is readily available