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Nashville Ticket Subsidy

Dear CSA students and families,

The Nashville Symphony Orchestra is providing a very special opportunity to our Community School of the Arts students in grades 6-12 (including home-schooled students.) Sponsored by Bridgestone, this program allows students (grades 6-12 only) to receive up to 2 free tickets to attend Nashville Symphony Concerts. Students currently enrolled in the Community School of the Arts may request up to 2 tickets for themselves and their family members. CLICK HERE for the available concerts. 

This is an amazing opportunity, and I hope you will all take advantage of this program at some point during the school year. To ensure that we may continue to benefit from this program, please be sure to follow these guidelines exactly:

  • Requests for tickets must be made between Monday and Friday the week before the concert.
  • Requests will only be accepted via email:
  • The symphony will not accept individual requests - they must come through the CSA!
  • The request must include the student's name, grade in school, and their CSA teacher's name, number of tickets needed, and the concert date you are requesting.
  • All reserved tickets will be available for pick-up starting at 6:00 P.M. on the concert night, and MUST be picked up at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the concert. If they are not picked up by the time, their availability cannot be guaranteed.
  • The CSA can only request 10 tickets per performance. If the number of request exceeds 10 tickets, requests will be honored in the order in which they were received; however preference will be given to students who have not already attended a performance.
  • Do not abuse the program! If you request tickets, attend the performance.

I am happy that we can extend this outstanding opportunity to our CSA students. You may find more information about the Nashville Symphony (including directions to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center) at

Matthew Burns, CSA Coordinator