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Individual Music Instruction

indmusic.jpegThe CSA offers private music lessons throughout the year from area artists, teachers, and APSU students. If you are interested in registering for lessons, please read the information provided below. If you decide you want to sign up for lessons, use our webform to provide your information. This link is located below this paragraph. Upon receiving your request the Coordinator will assign you an instructor who will contact you directly to arrange the day and time for the lesson. Once you and the instructor have made arrangements you can begin paying for your lessons at the Marketplace. The links to make your payments are at the bottom of this page. Lessons can only be purchased in bundles of four. Please do not purchase private music lessons from our Marketplace site before you have confirmation of your lessons. For detailed instructions on how to use Marketplace: Website_Instructions.docx

To request music lessons: CLICK HERE

Lesson Duration:

Students receive one-on-one instruction for 30 minutes each week. More advanced students may be asked to have a 45 minute lesson. There are typically a total of 16 lessons in the fall and spring sessions and 8 lessons in the summer session.*

*The number of lessons can change depending on the overall length of the semester or at which point you begin.


For Lessons with CSA Staff:
     - Each 30 minute lesson is $20.00
     - Each 45 minute lesson is $30.00*
     - Each 60 minute lesson is $40.00* 

For Lessons with APSU Students: 
    - Each 30 minute lesson is $15.00
    - Each 45 minute lesson is $25.00*
    - Each 60 minute lesson is $35.00*

*Lessons beyond 30 minutes are determined by the instructor based on ability level.  

Lessons available:

Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar
Woodwinds: Oboe, Bassoon, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone
Brass: Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

Age Requirements:

Violin: ages 4 and older
Piano: ages 5 and older
Guitar: ages 7 and older
Wind and Percussion Instruments: ages 11 and older
Voice: ages 10 and older

All skill levels accepted. Adults are welcome as beginners or continuing students in all areas.

Individual Instruction Studio Policies:

A copy of the CSA Individual Instruction Studio Policies is provided here: CSA_Individual_Instruction_Policies.docx

To Make a Payment:

CSA Staff Individual Lesson Registration: CLICK HERE *

APSU Student Instructor
 Individual Lesson Registration: CLICK HERE *

*If you are unsure which link to choose visit our Meet the Staff page to clarify.